Pace Won & Mr. Green – Children Sing

PAce and Green finally come out with the video to their song “Children Sing” off their classic album The Only Color that Matters is Green. This is definitely one of (if not the best) albums of 2008. It is hands down the best produced Pace Won album ever (thanks to Mr. Green). Don’t sleep on this album! Out of the 2 other videos they released for the album, this one is my favorite. Spread this video around everywhere so this album and video get the credit it deserves.

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HipHopSite (Digital Download)

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Music Video Weekly #12

This week I’m going with one of my favorite songs from Xzibit, “Paparazi.” It’s amazing how relevant this song still is in today’s times. Nowadays all you hear is rappers talking about money and how much shit they got. Xzibit still holds it down today and most definitely one of the best artists from the West.

Xzibit – Paparazi

Single of the Week # 6 & 7

Ok so I don’t know what happened to Single of the Week #6. It got deleted from my page. I’m so freaking pissed. It was just a freestyle and isn’t going to be on any album so I find it stupid that blogspot or interscope or whatever had it deleted. Anyways I’m gonna post it again along with this weeks single.

So the single of the week just leaked earlier today. It’s off the new Trick Trick album called The Villian. Not really a big fan of Trick Trick but Eminem is on it! It’s not on the level of “Welcome Detorit” but it’s still really good.

Single of the Week #6: Eminem – The Relapse.

Single of the Week #7
: Trick Trick – Who Want It (feat. Eminem)

Make sure you go purchase Trick Tricks album when it drops November 11th.

Music Video Weekly #11

The Music Video of the week is Jagged Edge – Where the Party At? (feat. Nelly). It’s such a feel good song and Jagged Edge is one of my favorite RNB groups. I know this sounds weird but, my friend Nick and I used to always shout “Uh oh oh oh” as a handshake over the phone. Anyways enjoy and look forward to next week. And Make sure next time you go to a party they play this classic!

Jagged Edge – Where the Party At? (feat. Nelly)

Music Video Weekly #10

Been listening to a lot of Hypnotized Minds lately. Here is a music video from Lil Wyte’s second album Phinally Phamous. I’ve been wanting to post this on here for sometime but I could never find a good quality video of it.

Lil Wyte – I Sho Will

Single of the Week # 5

Pathetic I know… I forgot once again. Anyways here is the single of the week. It’s Cam’ron – Come See Killa. This shit goes hard as hell (no homo). Cam shows he still has it on this track. This song is 10x better than anything on Public Enemy No. 1. Do not sleep on this! I really hope all the bullshit in Dipset can be settled and Jim, Juelz, and Cam can all make a track together again.

Cam’ron – Come See Killa

Music Video Weekly #9

Earlier today during my math class I was trying to decide what video I should put up today. And the first video that came to my mind was “My Block”.I gotta be honest with ya’ll. I never really got into Scarface that much but I definitely need to check out some of his stuff. The second I heard this beat I knew this song was going to be a classic. At that time the only other song I had heard from him was Smile (feat. Tupac).

Scarface – My Block

Single of the Week # 4

Once again sorry about being late. Here is my single of the week. It’s a Lil Flip freestyle over Cam’ron & Hell Rell’s “Cha Ching, Cha Ching” beat. It’s off his new mixtape Flip Gates For President.
It’s pretty dope. Lil Flip is horribly underrated and that album he released earlier this year with Young Noble called All Eyes on Us was pure crack! It was even better than his last album.

Lil Flip – Cha Ching, Cha Ching

“How many plaques how many tracks you heard me on, you do a song with me and thats the track you gettin murdered on”

Download Mixtape Here.

Joe Budden – Touch & Go

I’ve been a fan of Joe Budden since “Pump It Up.” I really enjoyed his first album and I waited FOREVER for The Growth to come out. But it never did. Atleast he put out 3 classic mixtapes (Mood Music 1,2,& 3) to hold us over. Then he signs to Amalgam Digital and releases Mood Music 3: The Album and promises to deliver in 08 with his Sophmore album The Padded Room. Well things have happened between now and then and He figures he’s gonna try to get a little more ptomo and release the album in Feb. 09. Now he plans on releasing another Album called The Halfway House in October and a Big Mike mixtape in December of this year to tide us over till Feb. 09. At least he shows love to his fans like that. So yeah In this video it states the album “Touch & Go” is going to be on is The Halfway House. This song is pretty catchy and has some really good potential to blow up in the clubs much like “Pump It Up” did back in the day. I really hope this album helps get his name back out there and sets up his album Padded Room which will follow soon after.

MC Hammer – Full Blast

Wow this video is amazing! I had no clue that one even existed until today! MC Hammer has always been one of my favorite artists and I have a hobby of collecting his all CDs. Anyways I remember when this came out it was supposed to be on this album called “Full Blast.” The only thing that ever came out was a promo advance with like 5 tracks and 5 instrumentals. I’m gonna try to post that up later along with his Active Duty cd I mentioned in one of my first posts on this blog. Anyways I always find it really exciting when Music Videos come out years after they were made.

Oh and yeah he does diss Eminem a whole lot in this song. I think it probably stemmed from some rap show on MTV where Eminem stated he always thought MC Hammer was wack. It makes me wonder if that part of “Just Lose It” where he’s mocking Hammer was in response this song? Hmm We’ll probably never know.

By the way If anyone has MC Hammer’s rare cd “Family Affair” let me know. I need that!!

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